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Since factors such as carbon dioxide emissions and deforestation are among the main causes of climate change, the Bamboo Token project aims to provide a possible solution for reducing those phenomena that can be cause and aggravate environmental damage. With the aim of supporting the Green Economy on many fronts, the project is geared on reducing the consequences of pollution and, on the other hand, creating environmentally friendly products covering multiple sectors such as agriculture, construction, the textile industry and many others. In these terms, it is intended to aim at improving air quality made possible by the significant amounts of CO2 that can be turned into oxygen by plants. Secondly, we want to support the creation of numerous eco-friendly and eco-friendly products through the use of all parts of the bamboo plant (whether these are the shoots, fibers or logs).

The operation of the BAMBOO TOKEN project is related to the understanding of the mechanism concerning the <tokenizzazione del=”” terreno=””>.</tokenizzazione>

Affected supporters will be involved in purchasing one or more tokens (depending on the amount of their available resources). Each token will correspond to a land area through which the supporter will be entitled to the revenues obtained from the total production of the buds and bamboo culmes divided by the surface corresponding to the purchased tokens.

The PARTICIPANT in the BAMBOO TOKEN project shares the spirit and motivations of the initiative.

Companies in the area will be involved in the cultivation of the land. The same, after the realization of partnership agreements with BAMBOO TOKEN will engage in the cultivation, management and care of the plants for the duration of the plan. In the 15th year since the project started, farms will be given all rights to the project and plants by BAMBOO TOKEN. At the end of the project the companies in question will get the dolls as they have been cultivated and cared for over the yea



rs. The project will last a total of 15 years. You will get an increasing income from your blocks of land from the


3rd year. The bamboo plant does not need chemical treatments, lives over 75 years and absorbs up to 17 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare releasing 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere of an equivalent hardwood tree. In addition, the roots of bamboo offer excellent soil protection from th


e elementsThe Bamboo Token project plans at the end of 15 years to leave the land to the companies that managed t


hem creating new economic developmentsBamboo can be used in the textiles, bioarchitecture, construction, furniture, objects, energy, cosmetics, paper industry and food.


ICO Tokens Details

Tokens Offered


Market Cap


Token Value (Public Sale Round 2)

USD 1.50

Tokens Distributed

30 days after token sale ends
Pre-Sale November 02- Dicember 15
40% Bonus €0.90/token
Token Sale I Gennyary 02 - March 02
20% Bonus €1.20/token
Token Sale II March 03- May 03
0% Bonus €1.50/token

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Token Allocation Forecast

The development of the project and the implementation of the platform will be through the issuance of a security token called BAMBOO TOKEN (BMTK Token) via a verifiable public smart contract. The issued token will be based on Etheurem’s ERC1462 protocol; a new blockchain has not been created as it intends to use the security systems of the Etheurem Blockchain.

The total project in Italy involves the construction of plantations on a land of 500 hectares. Considering each token corresponding to the tenth part of a square meter, a total of 50 million tokens will be issued, of which 35 million will be sold on the market while the remaining part (30% of the total) will be the share available to the founders and issuer company.

The capital needed for the project will be collected in 5 phases. Each stage will correspond to the implementation of bamboo crops on 100 hectares of lan



d. Proceeds from pre SALE token bookings will be used for the company’s legal accreditation operations and for the necessary authorizations for the publication of the public sale

Proceeds from the token sale in the first round of PUBLIC SALE will be used for social marketing and advertising operations to make the project known to a wider audience.

The proceeds of the sale of the tokens in the second round of the PUBLIC SALE will be used for land rent and the management of the babyTh


  • Simbolo Token BMTK
  • Totale token emessi 10 milioni
  • Totale token in vendita 7 milioni
  • Metodo di partecipazione Piattaforma web
  • Valute accettate BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, EUR, USD
  • Valore del token 1 BMTK = € 1,50
  • Numero token in pre-sale 350.000
  • Numero token in public sale 1° round 350.000
  • Numero token in public sale 2° round 6.300.000
Tipologia% su token in venditaScontoPrezzo tokenQuantità tokenPotenziale rendimento medio annuo netto
Pre Sale5%40%€ 0,90350.00038%
Public sale 1° round5%20%€ 1,20350.00029%
Public Sale 2° round90%0%€ 1,506.300.00023%


e numbers shown are the result of cost-based economic projections and revenues contracted with the Bamboo Consortium Italy – CBI SpA – and may be subject to change both for the number of products obtained and for the selling prices of shoots and culmes.

As an agricultural activity, therefore subject to interference of various kinds, Bamboo Token cannot in any way guarantee that the numbers expressed below are the final ones. On the other, in case of increased production and sales prices, Bamboo Token will recognize supporters such increases by increasing the yield of the BMTK token and therefore its value.


The idea was born
Project definition and Team creation
2019 1° trimestre
Feasibility analysis and Business Plan
Marzo 2019
White Paper
Ottobre 2019
Web site and platform
Ottobre - Dicembe 2019
Pre - Sale (PRE-ICO)
Dicembre 2019
Public Sale Authorization
Gennaio 2019
Public Sale 1° Round
Marzo 2020
Public Sale 2° Round
Giugno 2020
First installation
Settembre 2020
Public Sale 1° round for another 100 ha


The BAMBOOtoken team consists of qualified plant-growing staff. In addition to the industry technicians there are specialized figures for the entire implementation of the project.

Alfio Moretti
Matteo Calzuola
Executive assistant
Sebastiano Gambera
CFO&Business Advisor
Daniele Mantovani
Graphics Manager


CBI SpA - Consorzio Bambù Italia
Commercialisation of bamboo shoots and culms
Vivai OnlyMOso
Supply of plants and support in the cultivation of bamboo beds
Papini Francesco Impresa Agricola
Realization of the bamboo groves, management and maintenance, collection of bamboo shoots and culms

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